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Papin božićni blagoslov Urbi et Orbi, 25. 12. 2011. –  Video
Datum objave: 28. prosinca 2011.

Objavljeni tekstovi Svjetske molitvene osmine za jedinstvo kršćana 2012.
Datum objave: 28. prosinca 2011.

Umro kardinal John Patrick Foley
Dugogodišnji predsjednik Papinskog vijeća za sredstva društvenih komunikacija bio je dobitnik brojnih novinarskih i medijskih nagrada te počasnih doktorata više američkih sveučilišta.
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Datum objave: 12. prosinca 2011.

Objavljena tema Dana medija 2012. Papa za temu 46. svjetskog dana društvenih komunikacija izabrao geslo “Šutnja i Riječ: put evangelizacije”
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| Datum objave: 29. rujna 2011.

45. Svjetski dan sredstava društvenih komunikacija Biskupske konferencije BiH
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| Datum objave: 28. rujna 2011.

Biskup Egon Kapellari:  mediji i Crkva su saveznici i partneri.
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| Datum objave: 25. svibnja 2011.
Originalni tekst govora biskupa Kapellarija nalazi se ovdje.
Datum objave: 25. svibnja 2011.

Refresher Programme in Colombia
Responsibility of Journalists amidst Armed Conflicts and Information Strategy
Bogota, Colombia, 18 – 21 May 2011
The day-to-day preoccupation of journalists in Colombia is to how to balance journalism amidst armed conflicts that has been going on for several decades. (
Datum objave: 8. svibnja 2011.

From the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP) to the
International Catholics Organisation of the Media (ICOM)

Welcome to the International Catholics Organisation of the Media (ICOM)

The World Forum of Professionals and Institutions in Religious and Secular Journalism

1. Considering the new and rapid developments in the media world and given the present contexts and necessity, the professionals of the media have decided to found the International Catholics Organisation of the Media (ICOM) in line with the discussions in the assemblies of the last years.

2. The word “media” takes into consideration the great changes in the media landscape not only in the traditional media but also in the new media. Therefore all those who are working and interested in all the media can be part of this
world organisation.

3. The word “journalism” specifies the role, challenge and responsibility of those who are in the media. Journalism is more than communication; it is responsible promotion of the welfare of the humanity at large. Journalism is not making some peoples and nations rich by leaving others in poverty.

4. Those who belong to this World Organisation values “responsibility” and “freedom”, which characterise the profession of the journalism. Freedom is the most important God-given gift; only the responsible use of freedom can make and distinguish journalists.

5. By using the word “Catholics”, the World Organisation gives importance to the values and convictions its members and friends want to promote worldwide.

6. It is an initiative of Catholics open to all professionals of all faiths
and opinions and who shares the same values.

7. The World Organisation intends to achieve its noble objectives through  ongoing formation and exposure events worldwide, wards, documents, congresses,  conventions and other events of learning and perfection.

8. All are invited to promote the new Organisation, in the spirit of
responsibility and freedom, ethics and values, and in the interest of humanity  at large instead of particular sectors, races or ideologies.

9. In order to be active and valid decision-makers in the new Organisation  and in the next assembly, we would like that you pay your dues, arrears and or  debts if any by 31 May 2011. We would like to inform you that the new organisation plans to hold its first general assembly on Wednesday 23 November 2011 at Verbania, Italy. The agenda therefore is all what concerns the new
Organisation. We will send you more information in the next months.


Datum objave: 30. travnja 2011.